About MIPI


Documentation Centre on Children and Youth (MIPI) was established on January 1, 2004 as an independent and permanent governmental institution affiliated with the Ministry of Social Affairs. Prior to January 2004 the centre existed for two years as a pilot project, investigating the need and scope for a permanent documentation centre. The proposal for such a centre came from the participants of the conference “New Ways”, held on occasion of the Year of the Children in Greenland in 2000. This conference about the care of children and youth was attended by a broad range of politicians, NGO-representatives and professionals working with children and youth. Based on their suggestion, the pilot project was initiated. Then, in December 2003, the Home Rule Government adopted the law making MIPI a permanent institution.


The Documentation Centre is now under the leadership of a 7-members board appointed by the Government of Greenland. Read more about the board here

MIPI has a secretariat that manages the day-to-day operations of MIPI. Read more about the secretariat here

Who may use MIPI?

  • Decision-makers dealing with the field of children and youth
  • Politicians and the general public
  • People engaged in practical work with children and youth
  • Researchers and students

MIPI responds to inquiries and qustions free of charge. However, more complex requests from public or private enterprises susch as memorandums and documentation are handled for payment.

What does MIPI do?

  • We help ensure that decisions and initiatives concerning children and youth are based on documented knowledge
  • We organize public meetings and debates about relevant topics concerning children and youth
  • We compile and disseminate knowledge of children and youth
  • We lay the grounds for and facilitate a comprehensive and more solid knowledge of children and youth
  • We publish an electronic newsletter four times a year



The operating costs are covered by appropriations from the Government of Greenland, but activities and projects are externally funded through fundraising