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  • Analysis of Arctic Children and Youth Health Indicators – Future of Children and Youth of the Arctic Initiative, Report of the Health Programme.
    The future of Children and Youth of the Arctic initiative was developed to promote sustainable development in northern regions and to improve the health and well being of children and youth in the arctic. The Initiative, which was undertaken by Arctic Council’s Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWWG) and endorsed by the eight Arctic Council member countries in September 1998, comprises two programs: health and networking. The health Programme promotes the health of Arctic Children and Youth; the Networking Programme engages and empowers Arctic Children and youth issues of sustainable development, culture and community
    Get the file here: (pdf-file 868 KB)


  • Arctic Medical Research 1995; vol 54 (suppl. 1):
    Proceedings from the Symposium on Family Health in Circumpolar Regions, Ilulissat Greenland - april 18-22 1994.
    See the list of speakers (pdf-file)

  • Atuarfitsialak: Greenland's Cultural Compatibel Reform:
    By: Tasha R. Wyatt, Inerisaavik - Institute of Arctic Education.
    (Abbreviated title: Atuarfitsialak - Greenland's Reform
    This case study is an investigation into Greenland’s initial implementation of a country-wide school reform. It analyzes the broader context and goals involved in the adoption of an externally developed model of pedagogy developed by U.S. researchers at the Center for Research on Education, Diversity, and Excellence (CREDE).
    Download the file here (pdf-file 160 KB)


  • Behind closed doors – The impact of Domestic Violence on Children
    Published by: UNICEF, The body International & United Nations Secretary-General’s Study on Violence against children. This report examines some of the underlying causes of domestic violence and the impact on children of being exposed to violence in the home.
    Get the file here:


  • Bullying among Greenlandic School-children: Development since 1994 and relations to health and health behaviour.
    By: Christina Schnohr and Birgit Vollmer-Larsen Niclasen
    Read it here (pdf-file 239 KB)


  • Changes since 1980 in body mass index and the prevalence of overweight among inschooling children in Nuuk, Greenland.
    By: Christina Schnohr, Thorkild I. A. Sørensen & Birgit Vollmer-Larsen Niclasen
    Read it here (pdf-file 87 KB)


  • Denmark's Third Report to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child on the measures taken to implement the rights recognized in the UN Convention of 20 November 1989 on the Rights of the Child (2003):
    Download the report here (pdf-file 462 KB)
    The report has a separate chapter on Greenland.


  • Dental Health Status and Development trends among Children and Adolescents in Greenland:
    By: Poul Erik Petersen, Lisa Bøge Christiansen
    International Journal of Circumpolar Health 65:1 2006
    Download the report here (pdf-file 459 KB)


  • Education in the Canadian Arctic: What difference has the Nunavut government made?
    By: Jack Hicks for publication in Indigenous Affairs, 2005.
    Download the article here (Homepage by Jack Hicks)


  • Family abuse and Intervention Act:
    Recognizing that the values and cultures of Nunavummiut and the guiding principles and
    concepts of Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit reflect the right of every individual in Nunavut to a
    full and productive life, free from harm and fear of harm;

    Recognizing that family abuse continues to be a serious problem in Nunavut;

    Stressing the importance of inuuqatigiitsiarniq, which means respecting others,
    relationships and caring for people, and tunnganarniq, which means fostering good spirit
    by being open, welcoming and inclusive;

    Affirming the commitment of the Government of Nunavut to pijitsirniq, which means
    serving and providing for families and communities;

    Incorporating and encouraging qanuqtuurniq, which means being innovative and
    Read the law here (Link to canadian Legal Information Institute)


  • Folders on Greenland and the protection of children produced by Documentation Centre on Children and Youth for the 2nd World Congress of the Commercial Exploitation Against Children, 2001:


  • Greenland tries to save children from sexual, physical abuse:
    by Slim Allagui, France 24
    An article published in France 24 27th december 2008. Read it here (Link to France 24)


  • Health Behaviour of Greenlandic School Children - focus area overweight, dieting and body image. Abstract:
    Christina Schnohr, Master Thesis, Institute of Public Health, University of Copenhagen (2004).
    Download it here (pdf-file 17 KB)
    The full report is available only in Danish.


  • Health research in Greenland: start with the children:
    By: Gert Mulvad, Henning S. Pedersen & Jørn Olsen
    Paper presented at ICCH12 2003 - Circumpolar Health 2003 . Nuuk
    Read it here (pdf-file)
    Read the presentation of Health Research Board and the Health Research Strategy in Greenland here (pdf-file 27 KB)
    By: Gert Mulvad, MD director of the board.


  • Information on Greenland and the Protection of the Child:
    Download it here (pdf-file 129 KB)
    Please note that the revision of legislation which is mentioned in the folder has been implemented in 2003 with the adoption of a revised Landsting Regulation on Assistance to Children and Youth.


  • Memorandum on suicide ideations and suicide attempts among youth in Greenland:
    MIPI - Documentation Centre on Children and Youth, Paarisa - Office of Health and Preventive measures and National Institute for Public Health
    Download it here (pdf-fil 264 KB)


  • Modernization and Mental Health - Suicide among the Inuit in Greenland:
    Markus Leineweber, Ph.d. Dissertation, Dept. of Cultural Psychology, University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands (2000).
    Download the summary here (pdf-file 10 KB).
    Download the full report here (pdf-file 668 KB)
    The leitmotif of this report is the relationship between the recent increase of suicide rates and the postwar-modernization of Greenland. The results indicate a general relationship between these factors. Based on this finding the report discusses implications for prevention and intervention.


  • National strategy for suicide prevention in Greenland:
    Paarisa - Office of Health and Preventive Measures
    This slightly abbreviated English version of the proposal for a national strategy for suicide prevention in Greenland was presented to the Greenland Parliament in the autumn of 2004. Compared with the original version, a few appendices have been left out.
    Download the report here (pdf-file 212 KB)


  • PAARISA - Office of Health and Preventive Measures.
    Download it here (pdf-file 101 KB)


  • Referral in Pregnancy; A challenge for Greenlandic Women:
    By: Ruth Montgomery-Andersen. Nordic School of Public Health, Master of Publiv Health, MPH 2005:37
    Download it here (Pdf-file 816 KB)


  • Report of the Workshop on Best Practices in Suicide Prevention and the Evaluation of Suicide Prevention Programs in the Arctic.
    Held in Iqaluit, Nunavut, March 2003. Among other things, the report contains a summary of the presentation made by the Greenlandic delegation at the workshop.
    Download it here (pdf-file, 1.383 KB)


  • The future of children and youth in the arctic - Report and workplan for 2002-2004.
    Læs den her (engelsk, pdf-fil 58 KB)
    Se appendix her (engelsk, pdf-fil 340 KB)


  • The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour Market.
    Download it here (pdf-file 105 KB)
    Please note that social affairs are now placed under the Ministry of Families.


  • The School Reform "Atuarfitsialak" - The Good School:
    Download it here (pdf-file 93 KB) 
    please note that the described reform has been adopted in 2002 after the completion of the folder.


  • Violence, sexual abuse and health in Greenland:
    Tine Curtis, Finn B. Larsen, Karin Helweg-Larsen og Peter Bjerregaard, International Journal of Health 61/2002
    Download it here (pdf-file 103 KB)


  • Well-being among Greenlandic students:
    By: Michael J. Pedersen, ”Circumpolar Health 96, Proceedings of the tenth International Congress on Cicumpolar Health” Anchorage, Alaska 1998.


  • World Conference on Prevention of Family Violence 2005, resume – Building momentum for Positive Change: Moving forward together:
    23.-26. october 2005. Alberta, Banff, Canada. WHO. The world conference serves as a telling reminder that violence against children, women, older persons and other vulnerable populations is far too common. It recognizes that family violence is a complex issue, which can only be effective addressed through collaborations, which reach across disciplines, sectors and borders.


  • Young people's health in context; Health Behaviour in School-aged Children (HBSC) study: international report from the 2001/2002 survey (WHO);
    Health Policy for Children and Adolescents, No.4 provides information from 35 countries incl. Greenlans, about: Life circumstances of young people/health-related behaviour/explanation of health and health-related behaviour and discussions/implications.
    For copies of publications: