Ongoing projects

Here you can read about MIPI´s ongoing projects

Childrens book on the Rights of the Child

Partnering up with ICC, Greenland, MIPI is working on a children's book on the Rights of the Child. The foundation for the project and hence the book is the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The book is to be made in a childfriendly language with both greenlandic and danish text and with drawings made by children to serve as the illustrations of the book. Because the book is to be used in the public schools as a tool for teaching the children about the Convention of the Right's of the Child MIPI and ICC will also make af a handbook for the teachers on how to use the children's book in class.

The book will be distributed for free to all 4th-7th grade classes in public schools in Greenland.  

Work on the book began in 2010 and we expect the book to be finished and distributed in the fall of 2012.

Statistics on children and youth 2011

MIPI publishes statistics on children and youth every two years. MIPI has begun working on the issue for 2011 and expect it to be published in early 2012. The theme of the issue for 2011 will be Piareersarfiit. Piareersarfiit are guidance-centres which can be found in many cities in Greenland. 

Children and youth panel

The background for this project is the wish to put a focus on children and youth's voices in the work with and on children and youth in Greenland.

There is a good deal of knowledge about children and youth in different connections. There is little documented knowledge on which experiences, opions and positions children and youth themselves have on different subjects. In publications like 'The well-being of youth in Greenland 2004' ('Unges trivsel i Grønland 2004') and 'Children's standard of living in Greenland part 1' children and youth's voice have been included.

Children and youth's points of view can contribute to the development of a different look on children and youth in society and involve them as citizens on equal terms with others and contribute to better living conditions.   


The purpose of the children and youth panel is to give children and youth the opportunity, the right and the space to participate in and to have a say in the debate and in the work with decision processes that deals with children and youth in Greenland. Politically there is alot of focus to create better framwork and living conditions on the area of children and youth . Because of the focus on the area, the children and youth panel can get influential and become an important source of information to spread more knowledge on children and youth's own thoughts on the society they live in. MIPI can through the children and youth panel listen to the opinions of children and involve children's points of view in the work with knowledge on children and youth in Greenland, and by doing that, one of MIPI's goals - securing the perspective of children and youth - will be further strengthend.